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Maria Boldyreva • Edited on

I work in a rather small company, only about 25 people. The company doesn't organize team building events (as an introvert I'm happy about it), but we have our rituals. When someone has a birthday, or leave, or something, they buy 5-6 pizzas or cakes and invite everybody into the main hall for a small celebration. That makes it about two birthdays a month, plenty of celebration. And there are huge parties on New Years Eve and on the company's birthday, when CEOs buy a lot of food and alcohol, people play games and laugh. Also, sometimes people gather to play football or something.

I like that these events aren't obligatory, people leave when they want to and stay as long as they want to. I think this is the main thing that makes a good team, knowing that you're free to do what you want (as long as you're nice) and don't have to herd any sheep.