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PWA Checklist 2021 (final and complete)

mvoloskov profile image Miloslav Voloskov Updated on ・2 min read


For me, PWA meant freedom since the very beginning. PWA is the only medium that allows you bypass Apple and Google censorship and appear straight onto homescreens without anybody's approval and this fascinates me.

I make PWA a lot. I made Sleeep, an app that suggests you when to go to bed to wake up easily based on your location. Sleeep brought me a Product Hunt Golden Kitty Nomination in Health & Fitness.

PWA started as merely a websites without a status bar but everyday the possibilities are growing. Now we have push notifications, offline capabilities, payment API and much more.

The problem

Making PWA always means keeping track of a large amount of small things that should be correct in order for your app to work properly. Forget about something and boom! your app doesn't have an icon on IOS or doesn't work offline.

When I build PWA, I always have some sort of checklist. Previously I used checklists written by somebody else. As I learnt the true PWA capabilities, I ended up with three separate checklists to keep track of, combining them inside my head and figure out what exactly should be done.

I created my own checklist in 2019, but after some time I realized that I don't use it. Yes, I don't use my own checklist. Instead I had some messy Notion document. But why I prefered Notion over articles? I figured out that it's because Notion is a dynamic environment while articles are static. When I came across something new, I just updated my Notion document straight away so it was always up to date.

The solution

So I edited that document for it to be approachable and now you can access it too.

Enter PWAGYM – an easy, complete and dynamic checklist that I use everytime I build PWA. If you follow it, your app is guaranteed to at least be decent.

This checklist will be updated as PWA platform grows or as I come across something that is worth adding to it, so it will never become outdated.


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Fiqri Syah Redha

Thanks for sharing

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Great checklist, thanks a lot!

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Pablo Hdz Martín

Nice one. Thanks

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Mitesh Kamat

Thanks for sharing !!!

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Julien Maury

extra cool

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Great work