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How depression killed my dream project

mvoloskov profile image Miloslav Voloskov ・1 min read


What’s this about?

Here’s a story about how I saw an app that allowed people to create cool music even by tapping the screen randomly, how I loved that idea, how me and Ruletik were building this and how my depression stopped it all.

I had everything to succeed: a programming and team-leading experience, Product Hunt wins (Product of The Day and Golden Kitty nomination), a badass startup genius to help me launch, a good designer, a polished and proven concept.

But you still have to make decisions. When you’re depressed, it’s next to impossible to make decisions.

Irrational guilt, hallucinations about a huge crowd of people shaming me on the internet on the launch day, inability to comprehend a StackOverflow answer. When you’re depressed it’s all about chemistry, and there is no thought process to overcome it.

If you’re depressed now, listen: no matter what they tell you, failure because of mental illness doesn’t count as a failure.

Enjoy the full story.

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