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re: I'm so happy there's still several Twitter-Clients out there. Their own clients are full of ads and polls and whatnot. The 3rd-party-apps still giv...

I agree. Third party applications allow you to get a different flavour that a first party may not offer, and with so many services these days putting things in front of you algorithmically, it's so refreshing to see third party applications like Tweetbot (I use Twitteriffic) which allow simpler and more obvious views, such as a chronological timeline.

The problem is with Twitter and similar services. If Twitter decides to stop supporting these third party applications for any reason (such as they don't make ad revenue from them, or can't justify supporting an external API), then there's not a lot the third parties can do. They're at the mercy of a company who aren't incentivised to support them if they decide they don't help them reach their bottom line.

Tweetbot and Twitterrific are special cases since they have a strong relationship with Twitter, which has allowed them to get a large number of user tokens, however other third party applications weren't so lucky.

The main point I was trying to make with the article was that if a company's primary or intended use-case is not aligned with supporting third-party applications, building on top of that company's API may come back to bite you, as the developer of ProTube sadly experienced first hand.

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