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Discipline gets even more important when working as a team on the same project. In one of my hobby projects the disorganized way of using git resulted commit becoming incompatible. Some of the incosistencies were resolved the wrong way: Keep my stuff, throw away work of others because that is easier than merging right. Frequently occuring on the short end of that premise you pile up frustration and stress easily. You are starting to lose sight of your different project branches status', what you are doing and what others have done, although everyone agreed to use git avoid these symptoms.

In short: You not only need to discipline yourself (although it's a start) but have to agree on certain standards with your teammates and on ways to enforce them. Unfortunetly, we lacked the latter which drove me into abandoning a multi-year project which I believed in strongly.


Absolutely it's a start, can't agree more. Thanks for sharing 😃

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