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Disclaimer: I don't know React or Redux.

However, I can safely say that...

(a) Yes, there would undoubtedly be someone on here that knows enough about both to help. Those are popular platforms. However...

(b) It would be best to write out your question in detail in your post. Share relevant snippets of code. Describe your problem in detail. Show screenshots, specific error messages, etc. If someone can answer it, then they'll answer.

The first rule of asking for programming help anywhere online: "don't ask to ask, just ask". The second rule is "show us what you've tried, and what happened". Keep those in mind, and you'll find no end of great help on and hundreds of other communities besides! Don't be afraid to give those details up front. :-)

Classic DEV Post from May 2

The Art of Programming

One of the most consolidated misconceptions about programming, since the early days, is the idea that such activity is purely technical, completely exact in nature, like Math and Physics. Computation is exact, but programming is not.

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