Cover image for You like drawing as a hobby? I might have something for you πŸ§‘πŸ»β€πŸŽ¨

You like drawing as a hobby? I might have something for you πŸ§‘πŸ»β€πŸŽ¨

mustapha profile image Mustapha Aouas Updated on ・1 min read

Hey there, I hope you are doing fine with everything going on...

On times like this, it's good to clear your mind. For me, drawing is a way to achieve that. But one thing I struggle with while drawing is the body parts proportions.

So I decided to implement a virtual wooden model (without any 3D lib) that I could easily manipulate and print to draw on it for practice. It's still in an early stage (POC) and that's why I need your input ^^

Here is a live demo:


  • First, can this be helpful to you or someone you know?
  • What features do you think should be implemented?
  • How should I name this tool if it ever gets to a production stage?

Thank you for your time and take care :)


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I love it!!!
where can I sign for updates :-) ?

If you can add animate stages and then turn turn to movement sequence it would be amazing.
I liked the light/shadow suggestion below as well.

Maybe name it model.io so you pronounce it modellio :-)


The animation i could do. The lightening that i can not since this is not real 3D.

The name is cool thanks but is already taken 😩. Maybe sketchmodel.io or something


I like the idea. I have seen these little dummies in art shops, and I guess people set-up scenes with them. So, I think that's the main feature to add. I tend to use photographs to practice, you get perspective and light. I don't know if people use a lamp to create an artificial light source for shadows with these dummies, you could consider that too. Good luck with it


Suggested name: PinochioCSS... css that doesn't lie.


For the name, what do you think of "Woody"?


Haha it’s great, but it won’t be good for SEO?


From the SEO perspective it's not that good. πŸ˜•


cool. very cool.

i know for me i have a big problem drawing hands and feet. Seems like it is difficult for others aswell, seeing the responses and questions online on how to ease the pain of making these drawings look good. Very hard to make them with right proportions and structure,

maybe along the line you could make a hand model? I have seen the wooden ones of the hand. Idk if there is a foot one specifically, but for me, I think that this would be helpful.

Thank you much for this, it is a great start for sure.


Wow, this is super cool. The one other feature I can think of is adjusting opacity. And maybe zoom in/out.


Ok those features are in the pipe now πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ


Thank you 😊


Hey @jess what is this ⬆️? πŸ€”