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حبيبي يا جدع
Funny thing, I always wanted to put a personal website for me out there and I kept on delaying it. Just yesterday though I was like hell no I need to do somthing. So I deployed my first website yesterday night too!(also far from complete but I am still working on it. have a look! mustafaanas.com/).

I noticed a post from dev.to published to your twitter and scraped from there to your website. Which made me think, is there an official API to scrape from here? most of my writings are here and I wanna do the same.

Anyways, I love your website.
Keep it up and goo luck!


Good work صديقى!!, It looks good. You might wanna fix your Medium icon thought. Right now it's pointing to facebook. 🤯

What do you mean by scraping? Do you want your blog to automatically post every article you have here? For me. I am cross-posting. But I am doing it manually.

Dev.to welcomes cross-posting. They even have canonical_url tag. Take a look over here :

I haven't used that tag yet. But I am planning to.
Anyways, Thanks for your comment. Really appreciate it.


Thanks for the feedback! I got it fixed.
Yes I want to be able to fetch all my articles that are here to my portfolio. I'll have a look, thnx.

Ummm. Its a good idea for sure, Let me know what you find!

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