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Discussion on: I'm the community engineer on the Glitch team at Fog Creek, ask me anything!

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How do you keep a high level view of where the Javascript language is going and what frameworks you should be trying out?

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jenn schiffer Ask Me Anything

i owe my past work in consulting to creating the habit of reading and trying everything. in that role, it made me a stronger consultant and able to make sure we were using the best tools for our clients. today, it makes me a stronger engineer (always gotta be learning and building!) and also advocate for developers who themselves are swimming in the paradox of choice - especially in the javascript world. basically i follow a lot of folks involved in tc39 on twitter, take arguments with a grain of salt, and go to a lot of meetups and conferences (and watch a lot on youtube) to see what folks are stoked about. i also follow what our users are making on glitch!