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ERROR in ./app/containers/HomePage.js
Module not found: Error: Can't resolve '../components/main/Main' in '/Users/murkanpu/Documents/RnD/gitcheatsheet/gitcs/app/containers'
@ ./app/containers/HomePage.js 13:12-46
@ ./app/routes.js
@ ./app/containers/Root.js
@ ./app/index.js
@ multi (webpack)-dev-server/client?localhost:1212 webpack/hot/dev-server react-hot-loader/patch webpack-dev-server/client?localhost:1212/ webpack/hot/only-dev-server ./app/index.js
Not rewriting GET /dist/renderer.dev.js because the path includes a dot (.) character.

There is no js file in main component


Hi, which operating system and editor are you using? In my case, I used the Mac OS and Vs code.
It seems to present one in the "./path", for the VS code, you can use the ESLINT extension and try to identify if some module import is incorrect.
Even so, I will download to my Windows and test.

Try importing the react directly (import React, {Component} from 'react';) in "main.js"

You can also read about the boilerplate used in the project and compare the module imports. Because I had to change some.


Thank you, I hope it helps, then return if it worked.


Hi thanks, I have Mac OS and VS Code

I will try the above steps.


if you can return by telling us whether it worked or not, so we can help other people who may have the same problem.
thank you

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