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Discussion on: How did this image brick Android phones?

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Munaf Sheikh • Edited on

Hi Akhil,

Very interesting article and great write-up.. Obviously I tried it for myself and can verify it did the same on my Samsung Note 9.

I was able to resolve it although it was challenging. It was a race against the device's startup services.

As your device boots up,

  1. Delete the image from your gallery,
  2. change the wallpaper on home screen.

I suppose I was very lucky I applied that image as wallpaper on the homescreen only - not both home screen and lock screen. I will not be doing this again.

This experience also raised a question for me on how to log in to Android via a terminal (on the device or off) and avoid starting the GUI manager up..


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Akhil Author

Awesome man ! Smart that you applied only to the home screen.