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Get Started With Fiverr

muhimen123 profile image Muhimen ・5 min read

Whether if you are a qualified developer who is looking for a job or a student who needs money to buy some cups of coffee, freelancing can be a good way to earn easy money. Unlike traditional 9to5 jobs, freelancing gives you the freedom of doing the work whenever you want, wherever you want. You are your boss. And what better way there could be than selling your first gig at fiverr?

So, let's get started with Fiverr by creating your first gig!

What is a gig?

A Fiverr gig is a service that you want to sell. It's like an item from a shop. People can come right in and buy it if they wish.

Creating your first gig

Creating a gig in Fiverr is very straightforward. At first, start by creating a seller account in Fiverr. Once you are done, you will land in the user dashboard. Where you will find a handy little button somewhat like this.

Create New Gig

Now all you need to do is follow these 5 simple steps to create a new gig. I will create a photo editing gig and walk you through. You can create whatever gig you wish, steps will almost be the same.

1. Overview

Think about what service you want to sell. It can be anything. Decide what you are most comfortable with or good at then put that skill for sale. Then write a title for your service. Remember, it will always start with "I will" by default and you can't change that.

Then select a category, Fiverr will help you select it, or you can select it manually. Then there are gig metadata which might vary depending on what kind of gig you selling.

For the last step, add some(maximum 5) tags related to your gig. It will help your gig rank when buyers search by specific terms.


2. Pricing

This is the second most important thing about the gig. You can set a price tag from 5$ to 10000$. However, setting the price too high will make the buyers pass, and setting it too low will make the buyers think that you are not gonna deliver a good product. So, before you set a price, search in Fiverr about what you are gonna sell. Take a look at what other sellers are selling for.


For example, you are gonna make a web design gig. And you searched that in Fiverr and saw the price varying from about 20$ to 500$. So, an ideal price for you as a beginner will be somewhere between 15$ and 25$.


Also, you can sell your gig in multiple packages with various offerings. There are 3 packages that you can make on Fiverr. Basic, Standard & Premium. It's better to create 3 separate packages with better offers as it goes up because this gives the buyer more options. Again, this step might slightly vary depending on what kind of gig you are making.


3. Description & FAQ

The description is what the users see on the main gig page. As straightforward as it sounds, you will describe the gig in this section. I will highly encourage you not to give your info or biodata kinds of stuff because there is a specific section for that part which will also appear on the gig page.

So, just describe what you will do for the buyers if s/he buys the gig and you are good to go.


4. Requirements

This is where you take the necessary information from the buyer to get the job done. Suppose you were sleeping in the night and the morning you found out someone bought your gig without telling you what to do via messages. This is where Fiverr will stop the buyer and ask for the requirements set by you to do the job.


Let's say you are making a photo editing gig. You will need two things.

  • Photo(s) that you will edit
  • Instructions about the edit

You can set them up in the requirements section.


5. Gallery

And now, the most important thing about your gig. The gallery. The first thing the buyer will see is the gallery. You can think of it as a certificate about things that you have done. Try to put the best things you got to attract more buyers.

NOTE: Don't just pick something up from the internet and paste it here. If Fiverr can detect that(most probably will), it can go as far as banning your account permanently which you almost will never want.

Congrats! You now have successfully created your first Fiverr gig. Now all you need to do is wait. Yes I know, it's the most boring part. And often getting the first order takes time. But once you get the first order, you will keep getting new orders regularly.

πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰Bonus stepsπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

1. Be Active

By being active I mean to keep your gigs updated and check out for new messages every once in a while. I created this app development gig about 2 months ago. And didn't bring any change to it for a while. And the gig was stuck at 1 impression and 0 clicks. And a week ago, I changed the gig photo and made some changes in the description. As a result, it got 26 impressions and 5 clicks. Might not seem too much, but it sure is a win for me.

2. Don't shy to advertise

Reach out to your friends and tell them about your gig. You don't need to make them buy it, but a single visit to the page will increase the traffic. As a result, your gig will show up more often than other newcomers.

Interesting Backstory

Me & a friend of mine joined a hackathon in late January. And my friend was intelligent enough to put his Fiverr account link in the about section of the app. Luckily, our team came out first in that hackathon. Not only we won some cool prizes, my friend who added the Fiverr account link got 20 new orders the very next month! Yes, 20 new orders! He had 0 orders before the hackathon.

So yeah, don't be shy to advertise your gig.

(Please visit my gigs, it helps a lot) πŸ˜‹

That being said, I wish you all the best in your freelancing career. I hope you will get your first order soon enough. All the best.

Until next time, happy coding.

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