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Very well written, I'm also working in Micro-services env with symfony. We use Symfony console components to keep the data sync btw the services. Now as the arch is scaling it's becoming bit challanging. I wonder that Cron-Manager is for this thing? Can you explain bit about that also?


Thank you, sorry it took a while to reply.

Sure, I would love to explain it. So if a service has to do some data sync or garbage collection we would write a command inside that service and in Cron Manager we would set up a cron that would send a message to RabbitMQ queue and the consumer inside the said service would trigger the command. For now it proved to be a pretty good solution for scheduling tasks in services.
The cron manager has an option to trigger an endpoint too but it is somewhat cleaner to have stuff separate, in commands and to trigger them with RabbitMQ.

We have a cron manager open sourced but it's still in development and doesn't have documentation but if you want to have a look here is the link github.com/Vodzo/docker-cron-manager

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