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Muhammad Anas
Muhammad Anas

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2Captcha…Let's Talk!

Ever automating the web, the login systems, and everything and suddenly your app crashes, as it was unable to bypass the Captchas? Oh…I see that's you! Well, you're in luck - I recently faced a similar problem and I see I've found a decent solution! I present to you 2Captcha!

What is 2Captcha?

2Captcha is human based anti-captcha service. Therefore captcha solver can help bypass any captcha verification. 2Captcha also provides API's for many programming languages like Python & JavaScript, which will allow you to bypass captchas for whatever reason. It's fairly simple to use, and you can find some decent blog posts which will guide you through the API. The 2Captcha documentation can also be referred to.

GitHub Docs:
2Captcha Docs:

Getting Started

Pretty straightforward, not the classical signup process. However, they will ask you for 3 options… you are a Customer, a Worker, or a Developer. The below illustration will help you understand who you are! And you can register here:

Image description

What can it do?

For starters, it can solve Captchas via the API's built-in Python. As you see in the worker's section above, these people solve these Captchas and in return, they are paid, but I won't be talking about them. You can find more about working for them on their website.
Below are some of the Captcha's it can solve with its awesomely built API - well, not some, ALOT! From Normal to Puzzly Captchas, 2Captcha has got you covered. It really is mind-blowing.

Image description

Anyways, you might be wondering - how the hell I get started with the API, and as I said, 2Captcha is well documented. Below is an image, showing how to solve the KeyCaptcha with Python, using the API - pretty straightforward. Below, I have also referred to some blogs, which you can use to learn more about the API.

Image description

Some References

How to bypass "slider CAPTCHA" with JS and Puppeteer -

Bypassing hCaptcha with Python -

There is a wide recourse that'll help you get started with API, so it's just the motive for starting!
Best of Luck & See you later!

Note: This is a sponsored blog by 2Captcha

Muhammad Anas

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