re: Should browsers still allow users to disable JavaScript? VIEW POST


There's no reason to disable this feature.

The main reason devs seem to want this is so they can build cool stuff. It's like, hay I spent hours building this cool thing and you're not going to look at it? WTF!

If we can agree that the primary goal of web development is to create synergy between business needs and user needs, something like that. Then we can say as project value deliverability and user accessibility diverge, there is diminishing value. Diminishing value for the user to the business, and the business to the user.

If the needs of a project requires JavaScript but the user, for what ever reason needs it disabled, does it matter? Is this user "important" to the business? Does this business have any actionable value to the user?

It's the job of developers to bridge the business <-> user dived as much as possible. While maximising the business needs "first".

If this principle leads development, those who need find value will find value.

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