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Sam • Edited

Building things is very rewarding. I like coding too, but there's this never ending quality to it that is unsatisfying to me. In construction you walk onto an empty property and leave behind a home. A home that will likely outlast you.

It's true, not all software projects are equal. But how many of us are creating software as useful or meaningful as building a home for someone to raise a family in?

I've spent most of Covid working as a general labourer and plan on changing to construction full time. I will continue coding. It's fun to make a computer do what you want. But I've spent 9 years sitting on my arse for 8hrs a day, I don't want to spend the next 20/30 years like that.

Also, everyone I know that makes good money, own a home, have a good work/life balance, they're all in construction.

And the tools. You get to play with sweet power tools all day.