Successful Implementation of Salesforce Communities

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Salesforce Communities has transformed the way companies can stay connected with their customers, partners, and employees. Industry-relevant communities can be created to help companies meet customer needs and requirements and thus enable information sharing in an enhanced way. Businesses can greatly benefit from reducing the costs associated with maintaining customer connections with the help of Salesforce communities. However, customer engagement can also be improved by prioritizing understanding the customer needs and requirements that help businesses prosper.

This article covers how to successfully implement Salesforce Communities.

Enable Salesforce Communities
This is one of the most important steps to take to ensure a successful implementation of Salesforce communities. Businesses will first need to verify the availability of the community license. This can be done by selecting the Settings tab and choosing Company Profile> Company Information. Check the licenses listed at the bottom of the page. If the Communities license is available for your company, click Customize> Communities> Settings and choose the option titled "Enable Communities." You will need to choose a unique domain name and URL for Salesforce communities confirming availability if other companies use a similar name.

Creating the Salesforce community
Creating a Salesforce community is a secondary process. The community name must be entered in the name column and the description must be included in the description column. In the URL input space, the custom URL must be entered. Once the details have been completed and completed, the "Create" tab should be selected. The overview page would be made visible to companies that only administrators could see. All remaining edits can be done in preview mode.

Membership additions
Choose which member profiles companies want to include in Salesforce communities. The defined permission sets would allow certain categories of employees to have access to each community.

Add content
Select the appropriate tab that best suits the community from the menu. However, the tab does not include the Chatter tab, which is the default landing page that will automatically display if neither of the tabs are selected.

the brand image
Companies can upload the logo, tagline in the header and footer tabs with the appropriate color selection, thereby embedding the company brand on the Salesforce community page.


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