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We do have copyright rules in the terms and we respond to reports and takedown requests dutifully, in the same vein that Twitter, Medium, and any other platform for user-generated content does.


Next time you might be interested in having your own mail server that does not reject whatever requests for spam without track record after 1 year.


Not directly contacting the team, but instead making a public post. Then after 2 whole days (the weekend, when a lot of people take a break from their job), suing. I struggle to find words...


Make sure you understand the issue is 2 years there.

Also, make sure you have no idea how often I had been contacting a team.


The “friendly reminder” you mentioned was posted 2 days ago leading into the weekend. And it was the only correspondence you mentioned. That’s what I understand.

Good luck to you in your future endeavors for we shall never converse again.

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Wow. Now we have holidays in being humans? team pushes fascist notions to free speech and I am gonna be against.


IMHO DEV should enforce choosing either CC-BY-SA-4.0 or CC-O.

Free Software, Free Culture, Free Society.


No, it does not mean I am to accept tips, thanks for asking.


1029 and counting.

The thing is the reward is not going to me, obviously it goes to copyright holders.

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