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re: Nowadays I write all my backend code in Haskell. As do I! :-) On the whole though, I'm not saying Haskell is bad compared to other existing langu...

Just curious, had your backend ever dealt with 10k operations per second?

No. I have played around with HPC a bit, but nothing client-facing.

The server I'm currently working on is made to fully scale horizontally, as it should theoretically be capable of keeping up with the likes of youtube, but I haven't gotten to the point of testing capacity yet.

Previous backends I set up would usually not even get to 1k / day. Which was a bit frustrating.

Not mine, because I mostly write internal tools. But other have. warp, the Haskell web server has really good performance. Most of it is thanks to the excellent runtime of Haskell. I once sae a blog post where they wrote a simple webserver for static files and the performance was comparable to nginx

According to field reports by my fellow colleagues, every naive network-bound implementation does 8-9K RPS, which is good enough 9 times of 10.

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