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Burnout is unfortunately not a diagnosable [...]

These 6 words describe the issue in a nutshell. Everything else is a piece of speculation.


Yes and no.

First, it is true that mental health diagnosis is difficult. The mental heath disorder bible, the DSM 5, has plenty of criticisms, so I don't think a disorder existing there should be the end and be all. For instance, homosexuality was only removed as a disorder in 1972, and even that change was a bit, let's say, weird. However, burnout does appear in the ICD-10, but diagnosing it is a challenge.

Second, the presence of compassion fatigue, burnout, or vicarious trauma is well-documented in professions like social work, medicine, and nursing. So even if we haven't narrowed in on a "perfect" diagnosis, the prevalence of this phenomenon can't be ignored.

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