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I hope all these buzzwords make an impression on investors.

The main question is always: how does it show itself compared to naïve Bayes? I expect to see some metrics on the site having “dev” in the title.


Good point. What I left out in this project is comparing the performance of differently ML solutions, like naïve Bayes, decision trees, random forests etc.

Training these classifiers on our problem and evaluating and comparing the F1 score would actually be a good benchmark to compare our ANN against.


AFAIK, there is no NN invented so far that could outperform naïve Bayes, which basically has very little to do with ML.

Why has it very little to do with ML? Naive Bayes algorithms (Gaussian, Bernoulli etc.) are used like any other supervised ML classifier, no?

In regards to comparing NB & ANN, I still think it would be interesting to test it, e.g. in this project. I will take a look at how NB performs here.

Additionally, I only found this comparative study:

Would be great to see more NB vs ANN comparisons, though.

Why has it very little to do with ML?

Yes, sure thing, you are right, brain fart here :)

Would be great to see more NB vs ANN comparisons


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