re: I don't see any trolling here. Abstraction in art is essentially the same process as I described for CS. It is about removing details. Image fr...

Abstraction IMSO is more about building hyperonyms out of hyponyms.

Like you have cats and dogs and you find out a common mammal noun.

Not about everything is a pixel, line, and their intersection. See e.g. Kandinsky.

Say that we ignore certain aspects of the hyponyms, such as all the cat-specific and dog-specific qualities, when creating the hyperonym. If there were no such qualities to ignore, we could just say we had two dogs.

So the idea that some detail is removed is intrinsic to the process of abstracting when using Aleksei’s idea of what abstraction is.


We move from “ears that look like this” to “ears that look NOT like this.”

The common nature that is still there is essential.

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