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I admit that using Mondrian’s art as a leading picture to the writing on “abstractions in CS” is a best trolling of 2019 so far :)

I will definitely use Victory Boogie Woogie as the preface to my upcoming talk on microservices.


I don't see any trolling here.

Abstraction in art is essentially the same process as I described for CS. It is about removing details.

Image from "Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art" by Scott McCloud.


Abstract art by European modernists like Joseph Albers and Piet Mondrian we're insanely mathy and rule based. Basically an exercise in seeing how far you could divide and routinely paint a grid. I wouldn't want to be them.

Abstract expressionism like Jackson Pollock was all about expressing what he thought was freedom, chance and randomness.
Both are dubbed "abstract" but operate on different implementations lol.

Living artist with no painting skills just has to pitch in. Comment irrelevant but tangentially relevant, on some abstract plane.


Abstraction IMSO is more about building hyperonyms out of hyponyms.

Like you have cats and dogs and you find out a common mammal noun.

Not about everything is a pixel, line, and their intersection. See e.g. Kandinsky.

Say that we ignore certain aspects of the hyponyms, such as all the cat-specific and dog-specific qualities, when creating the hyperonym. If there were no such qualities to ignore, we could just say we had two dogs.

So the idea that some detail is removed is intrinsic to the process of abstracting when using Aleksei’s idea of what abstraction is.


We move from “ears that look like this” to “ears that look NOT like this.”

The common nature that is still there is essential.

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