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re: Developing your first CLI (command line interface) tool using NodeJS VIEW POST

re: As a polyglot myself, I do admit that NodeJS is not a perfect choice to build a CLI tool. The critical point lies in empowerment. There are many f...

will you choose to write that binary in another language, or just use NodeJS?

I was not aware of NodeJS being able to produce binaries. In any case, if this is about something to be used inside NodeJS ecosystem only, it probably is fine, but as soon as we are talking about CLI tools in general, I expect it to be of kilobytes in the size. Even Go is able to produce relatively small binaries.

$ ls -la `which fzf`
-rwxr-xr-x 1 am am 2490723 jun 10  2018 /home/am/.fzf/bin/fzf
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