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re: Some really cool stuff here! I personally just wish more of these were available on FreeBSD rather than requiring macOS.

What exactly from this list is not available on FreeBSD? I am having no issue running almost all of them on my Linux box and I am pretty sure they would run without a glitch on FreeBSD as well.


By default, FreeBSD doesn't use bash Shell, it uses tcsh. Yes, it's possible to switch, but then all of the features of tcsh go bye bye, which is the entire "feel" of FreeBSD. the other thing is that a couple of these I looked into have not been ported to FreeBSD at all yet.

I am not sure how bash is ever connected to the topic. There in the writing it’s fish and I do use zsh. All the above are [most likely] shell-agnostic.

All the tools are OS, e.g. one might simply build everything from the sources.

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