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re: I know that C# is a language versus an IDE. We can even program on C# using visual studio core, SharpDevelop and so on. However, it is the whole ...

If the language requires IDE to work with, it’s a clear sign the language is limping.

If one just wants to “land a Job,” they deserve to work with such languages as C#, PHP and Java.

If one loves what they are doing and values the language pleasure to work with, ruby is hell alive (although I have never seen anybody who tried Elixir and wanted to continue to work with Ruby.)

@jorgecc just because you haven't discovered/used IntelliJ/Rubymine doesn't mean that there's anything wrong with Ruby. I think you're outing yourself as "not knowing what you're talking about" with all these apples-to-oranges comparisons about "kings" and "power machine"s.

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