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re: Given the broad range of salaries that could be applicable to the same role, depending on the candidate's experience and seniority, it's unlikely a...

Why is that? Put somewhat we can start negotiating with then. Get me interested in. If I am not intrigued by the number, I won’t even bother answering.

As soon as a figure has been quoted, you've got a false base for the negotiation. Have you heard of the term "anchoring"? If not, have a look.

I would not even read email till the end if it is not 30% above the market.

Anchoring has nothing to do with that. They have to make me interested enough to ever read the description in the first place.


It's that kind of thinking which leads 90% of people to think they're "above average". πŸ˜‰

That has nothing to do with any β€œkind of thinking.”

I do read offers from companies who made an effort to go through my GH and SO profiles only and I receive enough well-formed offers to simply ignore others.

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