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re: Feature request: disable comments for the post VIEW POST

re: Just spitballing but Dev is more a community and discussion platform that relies pretty heavily on creator/consumer relationships. I very much love...

I didn't ask what you thought about this topic. This post is telling you what I think about this topic.

LOL, no, not at all.

And I never implied anything like my language is better than yours (whatever yours is :))—mostly because I use not less than 6 languages in my daily work on professional level.

I simply want to be able to balance between keeping to use this platform to post the stuff I write and having the posts clean enough to link to my teammates without being asked: “Dude, who are all these people in comments, unable to understand a word from what you have written?”

I am not mentioning moderators who constantly come to my posts and mark my and only my comments as being of low quality.

I still stay because a) I know there are people who is interested in what I am writing and b) I like how produces a twitter snippet for my posts and I was always too lazy to do that myself.

Very easy. Dual post on Medium and send your colleagues a link to your Medium post. I dual post all my posts so I can Facebook link my Medium posts to non-techs. Different reason but could also work for your scenario.

Medium does not support github flavored markdown nor RSS syndication.

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