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There is a drastic difference between us and doctors. We [well, those of us who is engaged to learning] learn through our regular development process.

When I feel like the known to me way is not smart/performant/fancy enough—I go read about better ways and apply those.

Doctors should not probably do that during the surgery. Like, oh, wait, let’s try to cut this liver off to see if it helps.

So my comparison would be: doctors are to spend 20+ hours to learn. We should learn while we work, summing up to exactly zero extra hours. Everything else, like reading books on Category Theory, or playing with Haskell should be counted as an entertainment.


I like your example and you're perfectly right on that.

Can categories be mixed? I mean, if you play around with Haskell, most probably you'll see some benefits as a professional. Feeling it entertaining is good for your sanity, but isn't it still learning?


Well, it is, but it is by no mean mandatory. Learning here is a great side effect :)

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