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re: Most of these complaints you have can be summed up with "im not used to it so its bad" OK, everybody calls it module, we’d call it package, becau...

Ever heard of Java? Or Kotlin?

Ever heard of what is the difference between a collection of classes and a collection of functions?

Whatever IDE you use will automatically resolve them anyway and sometimes you do need to disambiguate between and, no magic complier can do that for you.

I do not use any IDE and you seem to just do not understand the statement. does not require import "packageA" to be resolved.

x := "foo" creates and assigns a variable
x = "bar" reassigns the value of x. If x doesn't exist it doesn't compile. Which is a good thing as you probably made a mistake.

Eh? If x = "bar" is called when x does not exist, it should create and assign, otherwise it should reassign. That simple.

your example is disingeneous

It’s not mine, I took it from the official guide.

Because arrays can only be of one type.

OK, that one I missed. Indeed, returning several unrelated values is fine, but wrapping them into the array is not. OK.

Before you launch some kind of character attack on me [...]

This bullshit I wouldn’t even comment. I never launched any kind of character attack on anybody, although I constantly receive ad hominem arguments back here.

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