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re: @_developit @addyosmani any insider thoughts on this topic?
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Yeah, Google NDA allows almost everything save for talking about Google. Like Fight Club, but with restrictions.

I would also be glad to hear what might enforce a human being to work for Alphabet nowadays. Starving to death? Being proud of selling private data? Anything else?


I LOL'ed so hard about "low quality/non-constructive label".

If anybody says something that you don't agree with you can just mark this as "low quality/non-constructive" and say that a "community" did that.

That is true though. That is how community works.
I am unsure what CoC line I violated, but the community does not like whatever is against the Opinion.

How dare you speak against Google/Alphabet.

Side note: I imagine it's a badge of some sort to have worked for Google. Their employees are (perhaps anecdotally) geniuses, so to be counted among that number would be bragging rights indeed.

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