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I mostly agree, but some tools deserve to be buried 3 feet deep. For instance, if that’s is about new feature in Rails behemoth, or about new site section in the site built on top of jQ, it always makes sense to shift to Elixir and any of modern JS frameworks.
I’ll pay back literally tomorrow.


I'd add some nuance here - If you have, for example, a jquery website, and you're making a tweak... then no need to rewrite it.

If you're looking to pick up an old project and add 3 years of dev to it with a large team... then yeah, moving to a framework (I wont say which, depends on the problem) might be a good idea.

Elixir is not a JS framework last time I checked haha. Although I'm sure someones written a JS transpiler, for some reason.


{Ruby/Rails, jQ} → {Elixir/Phoenix, Modern Framework}.

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