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Sorry, but I cannot be respectful to the person who thinks that “toxic” might precede “environment” or “community” in English.


I'm genuinely confused by this, so I'd appreciate you expanding on this—you don't think there's such a thing as a toxic environment or community?

You don't think there's such a thing as a toxic environment or community?

Exactly. There are people who tend to use the word “toxic” everywhere instead of “I don’t like it.”

Clearly, you've never played Dota, Lol or WoT 😄Some people are just braindead and mean.

Hah, yeah, there's a difference between a term feeling overused and that concept not actually existing, though—and yeah, video games are ground zero for bad community.

Rather than getting hung up on terminology, I do think David makes a good point above that gatekeeping behavior and elitist attitudes re: what is "real tech" do not a good community make. Rather than banning or hiding content that doesn't meet a standard of "technical enough," I think it's maybe a better approach to try and promote more thoughtful content, whether that's by intentionally interacting with what exists or trying to create more of it (either personally, or by reaching out to people who can).

Please note I have never proposed to ban nor hide any content. I voted for providing a possibility for me to hide it in my own feed.

That makes the huge difference, if I may :)

Sure thing! I think that's definitely a nice feature, and I'd probably use it too. I think I've just seen some folks get a little too overexcited about policing what content should be here or not.

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