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re: What was your TDD aha moment? VIEW POST


Running isolated tests is easier and faster than running the whole application. I basically never run the application itself while developing new features and I basically have no idea how GUI looks like to get to the feature I am currently implementing.

TDD is likely a must with this approach.


That's a good thought. TDD might be less necessary beneficial test speed suite speed were not a thing. There are definitely tools (like guard in Ruby land) that complement TDD really nicely.


Could you please elaborate for dummies like me what is guard in Ruby land please?

Guard is a gem -

It has plugin like guard-rspec.

What Guard does is it watches a number of files and restart your server when needed (changing Gemfile, routes etc).

Guard-Rspec add to that by watching your test files and automatically running them when you save

and restart your server when needed (changing Gemfile, routes etc)

I did not start the server in years. Why would I need to ever start a server when I have tests?

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