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unless their employer wants them to do that

We have a liberty to choose an employee, the slavery has gone. And I see no reason to work for an employer forbidding OSS contributions.

I pull tickets from the backlog

I am a strong believer in the necessity to grow up as a developer in different areas, which is not always possible just closing the backlog. I advocate doing OSS for the self-growth. And seeing the GH profile that clearly shows such attempts I unintentionally increase the candidate’s “reputation.”

The last but not the least, if I may, why would you bother doing this: ? I am sure the answering this question to yourself might shed a light on what do I mean.

Yes? But the employer is paying the employee for their time and expects them to work on, well, WORK while they are at work. And, while you might not see a reason, I've worked at plenty of jobs where my employer did not want me working on OSS during the day. They were perfectly good jobs and I liked what I was doing.

And that project? That was a random code challenge that I decided to put up on my github. Not really OSS... just a garbage Rails project.

You are speaking from a place of IMMENSE privilege and I hope you can recognize that at some point. In the meantime, I am happy to not be working on a team with you.

Also, I'm a terrible example. I don't have kids and actually have 8 hours to work on some dumb project.

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