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re: It might also mean John doesn't publish what he writes. Also upon further inspection of Jeans code we may find horrible spaghetti code. Your period...

I did not make a statement in the vacuum, I was answering a particular comment about having more free time.

Under these circumstances my period is fine.

Periods rarely are fine but setting that aside you took one of many possible explanations for why one person might have more free time than another and portrayed it as vastly more likely than any other explanation.
Also, the assumption that better developers have more time during working hours is faulty, if I find myself with excess time at work I do one of three things.
1) find a way to add value to the project I'm working on either by testing or by finding ways to improve the Project.
2) Go off the clock and study up on new Technologies.
3) Do some small tasks for one of my other customers who always seem to have something lying around that needs a helping hand.

All this being said I have now been convinced that is time to clean up my Github and add a nice new project since the qualtiy of code I currently have on it is horrible stuff I wrote while watching cartoons.

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