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re: Are Technical Interviews a good measure of software engineering ability? VIEW POST

re: Developers sharing their interests is a communication skill. All the people I met with golden badges on stackoverflow do it during business hours w...

do it during business hours while being paid to deliver other type of business value

You understand basically nothing about what people are being paid for.

Also, people with golden badges spend the same or less amount of time on SO compared to people living there to get answers to anything.

And, the last but not least, to blame authoritative SO answerers for whatever one should stop using their answers upfront in the first place, otherwise it looks too unfair.

It seems you understand/know basically everything, that would be a first step to not work with someone like you. That's why social is so much important, even maybe more than technical.

Feel free to share your ideas on what is important with your boss.

You are both right, first you mustn't discriminate on a persons lack of social skills, but also you shouldn't ignore persons inability to emotionaly undestand and work thogether in a team as part of a team!

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