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Discussion on: What I learned running a live programming Twitch stream from Linux

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Matthew Tippett

Hey, recently started too (under bastiondebugging - It's definitely a rabbit hole of learning that you will go down. You of course then want to start getting extra gadgets to remove the awkwardness of interacting.

My current target, narrating what I'm thinking a d working out how to engage the audience.

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T.J. Telan Author

Do you have any suggestions for any gadgets? All I do right now is keep chat and stream monitors open on my other screens so I can glance at them.

But I don't have to worry about interacting if there's no one watching 😂

Your current target sounds good. I find the practice of narrating what I'm thinking to be difficult but easier the more I do it. I still get a bit self-conscious when I see my viewer count pop up for a moment, then go back down. It's hard to say whether engaging my audience would help keep those who trickle in or if streaming about something with more appeal would encourage more viewers to join at once.