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Learning Python

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Hey to you all.

I'm actually just taking my chances with this post.

I recently bought a Udemy python course. Previous I had enrolled for a EdX course which only covered basics of python. Somehow though I feel stuck and can't seem to crack into a specific mindset which will help me grasp everything better.

I have even resorted to checking out python references and methods on W3 just to try a different way to grasp all this. I don't know what to do. I have 3 weeks to try and get somewhere with this language before the world gets back to its fast paced life.

Does anyone have any suggests? πŸ™

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Hey! Welcome and glad you are interested in Python. Here are some resources/concepts I have found helpful over the years:

  • Datacamp for learning Python
  • Books! O'Reilly is a publisher with great resources, take a look at the many books they offer and see if one is of interest to you
  • Reading through Python code on Github that others have created to understand what they have done, how they structure their code, and get a better understanding of how to read through code
  • Find a project that interests you and start to figure out how you would code it (pseudocode) as you learn more about the language
  • Read through Python Docs, especially on Data Structures

I hope some of those are helpful as you continue to work on learning Python.


Thanks πŸ™

I had bumped into BootCamp and loved their way of teaching but was still thinking about whether to commit to their paid subscription or not.

I have a project in mind so I'll definitely be on the look out for such. Will check out GitHub. πŸ˜‰

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