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Marco Siccardi
Marco Siccardi

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My weekend ...

... has been full of studying a bunch of MVVM and programming best practices:

  • async commands
  • weak event handling
  • IoC/DI
  • Nullable reference types

Read a whole bunch of blog posts and docs and started to build my very own and highly opinionated MVVM framework.

I know there are a bunch of MVVM frameworks out there. I somehow feel uncomfortable to blindly use one of those nowadays. Some haven’t been updated for months/years, while others are somewhat blown up just to fit in any situation - most of which I don’t need.

I prefer to keep things simple and abstract only the minimum requirements [for my style of MVVM]. My idea:

  • Core Package with
    • a really simple IoC container (like the one in MvvmLight)
    • both synchronous and asynchronous ICommand implementations
    • weak event handling as seen in Xamarin.Forms
    • utilizing Nullable reference types
  • platform specific packages on top of the core library
    • Xamarin.Forms
    • UWP
    • WPF
    • others if needed...

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