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Was finally able to get a new icon for the app I maintain :D

Major UI overhaul and the introduction of a new icon #920

📢 Type of change

  • [x] Bugfix
  • [ ] New feature
  • [x] Enhancement
  • [x] Refactoring
  • [ ] Dependency updates

📜 Description

Re-do the light theme to be a constant white, make all text input boxes use a consistent and legible accent color for box stroke.

💡 Motivation and Context

The box stroke for text input is currently gray, which is illegible on the dark theme. This PR fixes it up to match our accent color on both light and dark themes, improving legibility and bringing some consistency. The light theme has not had a change in literally years and I decided it was time for some dazzle.

💚 How did you test it?


📝 Checklist

  • [x] I formatted the code with the IDE's reformat action (Ctrl + Shift + L/Cmd + Shift + L)
  • [x] I reviewed submitted code
  • [x] I added a CHANGELOG entry if applicable

📸 Screenshots / GIFs





I love checkboxes in my github issues 🌞


Linked issues is my next favourite thing

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