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Elyse Y. Robinson

Hola! I'm Elyse! :flag-um::flag-mx:

📚 Major, School, & Year: Accounting, Excelsior College, '13

👀 Hobbies: reading, eating, sleeping, learning, exploring

ðŸĪŠ Fun fact: I barely graduated high school and college. :woman-shrugging::skin-tone-5: Boxes checked. ✔ïļ:rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

:thinking_face: Background: Self taught programmer starting at the age of 10. I was geeking over the summer and wanted to know "how those websites worked!" Taught myself HTML, css, php, whatever else I needed for my goals. ðŸĨī

Started to major in CS but couldn't find an internship after applying to probably over 1000 positions. Switched to accounting. :woman-shrugging::skin-tone-5: I can program though!

🔍 I'm looking to become a Lead on the Audit, Security, Governance, Risk Management side and I'm Azure certified. I find the Cloud fascinating with all it can do.

:speaking_head_in_silhouette: I run my blog where I talk about being a Black American in Mexico and Newsin.IT where I post free IT exam vouchers, free Udemy courses, free events, free bootcamps, and more!

:star-struck: What I'm looking forward to: Finding my fellow geek squad! And if you're into Python and the Cloud talk to me!

IT resources: