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Festive Tech Calendar - Surprises every day!

Festive Tech Calendar is an initiative by Cloud Family - a community set up by Microsoft MVPs Gregor Suttie and Richard Hooper. This is the second year of the calendar, which was known as Azure Advent Calendar in 2019.

Throughout December, every day at 10am GMT, you can expect to see some surprises from the technical community - and sometimes there's even more than one surprise.

Microsoft Developer UK are proud to support the calendar. Our team are contributing several pieces of content alongside the amazing technical community.

Join us at on 1st December at 10am GMT for a special launch show to see what's behind the first 'door' of the calendar, and to meet some of the team.

After that, go to every day at 10am to see what's behind the door. The reveal will be posted every day on @_CloudFamily and you'll see special coverage on @msdevuk with a highlights show every Tuesday at 10am.

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