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It happened to me alot when I was just starting out, I even got an offer one time but never heard back from them. As I gained more experience,I applied for a job as a Sr. Software Engineer, they sent me a couple of tests, I passed, after a while they asked me to come for an interview and also gave me a test, when I left they send me 2 tasks to be completed in 1 week, I agreed. After those tasks I was in the final list. I was accepted but the first month is also just a test and they said they will decide whether to hire me or not by the end of the month. The whole process took about 3 months just to start with another test. After a week I quit without any notice because I was working with another company and had school plus it wasn't worth it. When they called I told them the truth and sent a resignation letter. They reacted by adding me to their blacklist. The company is considered to be the top telecommunications company in my country and an honour to work for. I think what I did was wrong, I should've probably let them know of my decision in advance.

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