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Discussion on: Alternative view engine for ASP.NET Core: Hooking into the ASP.NET Core architecture

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Wes Dunn

Very, very cool post. I’ll definitely be checking out the “inspiration” article you referenced.

I would also definitely love to see this be the start of a series of posts covering the additional features you mentioned at the end. I’ve been curious about parsers for a while, just haven’t felt confident enough to dive in. This would be a great intro on the subject, as well as a great concrete “application” of a parser.

Curious if you would also be willing to go into some example scenarios where a custom view engine would be a useful choice.


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elfalem Author

I'm glad you liked it and thanks for reading! I do plan to write additional posts on some of the points mentioned at the end.

A custom view could be useful if the target output is not HTML (e.g. XML) as Razor is geared towards rendering HTML. Furthermore, it may not be desirable to mix server-side and client-side code. If a project is being ported from a different language or framework that uses a different template system, it may be easier to retain the existing views.