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Discussion on: V is new black

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Wes Dunn

While reading the “Documentation” page, I had a few “NO WAY!” moments. Especially the C interoperability and the proposed C/C++ translation functionality. Further, considering I’m currently involved in maintaining a cross-platform GUI (wxWidgets), the promises around cross-compiling and graphics is pretty damn attractive. Oh! Also... the promise of an intelligent package manager. However... given the language’s basis in Go... I’m a bit skeptical... package management in Go was a miserable experience from what I recall (only done a bit with Go and it’s been a while).

One could say... “it’s too good to be true”

I was unaware of V until your post, so I’ll definitely be keeping my eye out for developments and examples.

What do you like about V? Have you written anything in V you’d be willing to share?

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Alex Bender Author

Hey Wes! Sorry for slow reply. To be honest I didn't try it yet except compiling some examples. But I like the features that V proposing. I think that I will try to write something when the language would be a bit more stable.
Thanks for commenting out!