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Discussion on: React Hooks (useContext, useEffect, useState, useRef) Summarized Like Crazy (Short & Concise Article)

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Martin Broder • Edited

I'm sorry but that's bollocks. useRef has nothing to do with the DOM. It's stated clearly on the offical docs:

useRef returns a mutable ref object whose .current property is initialized to the passed argument (initialValue). The returned object will persist for the full lifetime of the component.
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Please don't spread false information.

useRef is useful whenever you want to reference the same value on every render, but not trigger a re-render when its value changes.

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Hans Christian Bartelt

That's it. Thank you 👍

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Mohmed Ishak Author • Edited

@mrtnbroder apparently you're right, my bad. I just need to remove the "DOM" part in that comment, will edit it now. That's how I always understood the useRef hook. Thanks dude.