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Discussion on: No, you're not stupid!

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MrRobot1909 • Edited on

Thanks a lot for those words. When I started studying CS I felt like I entered a whole new world. Before that, I only had basic computer skills but I never had anything to do with code. And I've come a long way from that. I had a little help from a friend making my way to a nice coding job. And this very guy helped me a lot gaining the skills I needed for the job and for CS itself. Anyway I know how much it means to have someone by your side that watches over your shoulder, because in the beginning of this all, I wanted to give up a lot of times. So having someone as a mentor that believes in you and that you can call your friend is priceless. I'm glad I see people like you that keep motivating people, even if they don't do well in the beginning. Give them time to gain knowledge and there might be rising a powerful programmer from that. You sir, understood:)

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Si Author

Thanks very much for your comment, I'm truly glad the article is resonating with people.

It got a lot more attention than expected.