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Rancher 101 - Installing RKE

Muhammad Abdur Rofi
Tech Geek 🤓
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Installing RKE

RKE is both a Kubernetes distribution and an installer. The installer runs on a local workstation or shared management host, and you use it to provision a cluster over SSH.

You can find the latest version of RKE for your platform on the releases page at Official Github RKE. Binaries exist for macOS, Windows, and Linux on both x86 and Arm.

Installing it is as easy as downloading it, changing the name, moving it into your search path, and making it executable for platforms that require it.

If you're on Mac, you can also install it through Home brew.

Download and Install RKE

  1. Download The Latest Version of RKEfrom the RKE GitHub repository’s releases.
  2. Rename the binary to rke in Linux or rke.exe in Windows.
  3. Activate the Binary.
    • On linux you can place the binary at /usr/local/bin or /usr/bin
    • Windows, you can place the binary at C:\bin\, if you don't have \bin\ directory, you can create it and add to windows PATH

Testing That It Works

Run rke –version to ensure you’ve installed RKE properly.

alt text

•Overview of RKE :
•Latest Release of RKE :

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