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So one thing I wondered after reading Tom's article and now yours is how you feel about modern UI being so tied to node or javascript run times on the backend specifically. For instance if you were to be running something in Go and Phoenix you could dynamically render HTML on the back end and serve it up quite a bit faster that the current SSR environments based in Next or Nuxt or Sapper? So essentially somewhat the way Stimulus JS works where you can send over static HTML, rendered anywhere, by any type of server and the frontend could just hydrate that and build components from it.


This is the 'PHP with jQuery sprinkles' approach I mention in the article, except with shinier things than PHP and jQuery. I'm not a fan, personally.

Phoenix LiveView is an interesting take on the problem, but I suspect you hit a limit as to how ambitious your UI can be when deltas have to come across web sockets at a consistent 60fps.


So do you think it’s impossible for a framework to effectively hydrate static HTML not rendered by that frameworks specified renderToString method?

I really don’t know what these functions do under the hood to allow rehydration so I’m just curious if it would be possible and achieve a good frame rate.

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